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Women's Health & Infertility Strategies, Reproductive Technologies Support ART, IUI, & IVF

Acupuncture + Women's Health;
An area requiring Specific training in Chinese Medicine

Your Clinician at LIV has extensive experience with Women's Health and Reproduction; As the mother of four children  she has had first-hand knowledge of the following:  Pre-conception health, Pregnancy & Pregnancy-Related Conditions, Natural Childbirth, Home-Birth and Midwifery,  Post-partum Health, Breastfeeding and Post-partum Weight Loss, Infant Health    As a Practitioner for 6+ years she has supported inumerable successful pregnancies and works closely with every woman who comes into her practice for Fertility support- as every woman is different and her challenges unique.  A personal, kind, gentle and invested approach is our goal with the flexibility to work with your Western Medical plan for fertility to optimize their results or on our own;  very often on a 'break' from fertility cycles with injectible hormones... from IUI to frozen Embryo transfer to Donor Egg transfer -  we are here to monitor and support from an infomed TCM perspective.  
A Women's body goes through many cycles throughout her lifetime; puberty, pregnancy, menopause with hundreds of cycles of menstruation in between. The potential for Chinese Medicine to improve women's health has, more recently, become openly recognized and supported by  Western Medical fertility centers and in clinical research. A stark departure from Western Medicine's approach is Chinese Medicine's nonuse of artifical hormone control over the most natural and important events in a woman's reproductive life and overall health.  Chinese Medicine, when applied properly, can significantly influence all phases of Female Reprodction and (Male Factor) infertilty.  

Conception and Infertility
The extent of research and clinical evidence that speaks to Acupuncture's positive influence on Pregnancy Outcomes is far too great to detail here - Research show that some use TCM to optimize preconception health by first regulating their own natural ovulation and menstrual cycle; Some are using TCM to enhance natural fertility chances; And still others are using TCM to prepare themselves for Assisted Reproductive Technologies (IUI or  IVF) both physically and emotionally. Our goal is to find the deficit(s)  leadng to your infertility and make corrections to optimize results with or without ART. 
Your Clinician at LIV is trained in the role of Acupuncture in Natural and Assisted Fertility for Women and their partners.


     Acupuncture is known to:
      ·Improve chronic menstrual problems· restrain heavy bleeding·decrease PMS/PMSD·naturally support women with conception·regulate the menstrual cycle·balance natural hormones·normalize ovulation·improve the uterine lining·improve symptoms through pregnancy & labor·diminish menopausal symptoms·diminish abnormal bleeding and discharge·support emotional balance·Optimize fertility outcomes



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