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Acupuncture: Background and Answers

Acupuncture describes a specific medical technique and tool of one of Chinese Medicine's five major modalities; Chinese Medicine is a Whole Medical System. Over the past two decades there has been unprecedented growth in the practice of acupuncture in the West: however TCM has theoretical roots over 2000 years old. We have modern technique, but TCM remains unchanged. There is NO AMERICAN ACUPUNCTURE. 
•Acupuncture is very safe and has few-no side effects though it is a Clinical Medicine
•Acupuncture is a Complementary Medicine - it is not "anti" Western Medicine
•Acupuncture is a practical, Physical medicine. Primarily influencing Blood Flow-
•The first evidence of Acupuncture dates to 1523 B.C.
•Little was known about Acupuncture in the U.S before 1971
•Today there are 20,000+ U.S.  Acupuncturists.  Most have a MScA -
•Acupuncturists receive complete Chinese Medicine training and must also achieve a Master of Science degree.
•Acupuncture is part of a Medical practice that has served vast populations for over 2000 years.
•Acu-points are found all over the body and are safe to use when properly needled.
•Acu-Point selection is guided by Chinese Medical Theory.  
1....Classified the 'acupuncture needle' as a Standard Medical Device in 1994.
2....Estimates that over 12 Million treatments are administered every year.
3....Reports that Acupuncture and TCM drives a 0.5 Billion dollar micro-economy annually.

How Does it Work?
Circulation and  Anti-Inflammation
•Chinese Medicine speaks of Acu-points (and Meridians) as a functional, conducting network within the body that primarily improves Circulation.
•Emerging research wisdom accepts that our endocrine, immune and nervous systems are a whole and work together to influence tissue repair and inflammation.
•Some evidence proposes that needles activates Neural pathways ~  TCM focuses on influencing blood flow, tissue perfusion and blood supply to the Nerves
•Some suggest that an inter-play of signals between neural and connective tissue components, triggered by the needles, affects the cells surrounding the Acu-points
•Some describe the action of needling as  'modulating an information system' mediated by a neuro-fascial network;  Activation points in the soft tissue -
Acupuncture + the Human Body


Fine, Sterile Needles are gently applied to Acupoints:

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